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The Professional Medical Heart Center

In autumn 1994, Dr. Jeng Wei led his team to establish a Department of Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology. Its professional medical team renowned nationally and internationally for its high standard.

In order to provide holistic care to meet patients’ needs, Heart Centre of Cheng Hsin General Hospital, has an integrated Division of Pediatric Cardiology, a Cardiovascular Care Unit, a Cardiovascular Nursing and a Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre as of 2011. There are now 12 cardiovascular surgeons, including 3 cardiovascular surgeons, based permenantly at CCU for 24hours services and 5 qualified instructors of cardiovascular surgeons.

In the Division of Cardiology, there are 19 cardiologists that include 12 qualified instructors of cardiology. There are also 2 Pediatric Cardiologists fix at the centre. For the latest facilities at the Heart Centre, we have 5 theaters for cardiovascular surgery include the first Hybrid Operating Theater in Taiwan; 4 catheterization laboratories and one of the laboratories equip with the first Taiwanese Magnetic Navigation Cardiac Catheterization and other various facilities for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The Heart Centre not only has the best professional medical staff and skills, but also has carried out cases with good outcomes in such areas as clinical practices, teaching and researches. With such outstanding performance we have attracted many overseas patients as well as patients from Taiwan.


Our remarkable settings and performance

We are pleased our team has been recognized nationally and internationally. We endeavor to continually improve upon the high quality of our services. For example, in 2003, the hospital established the first “Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre” in Taiwan to treat patients who have undergone cardiac surgery to ensure maximum opportunity for them to regain their heart function rapidly within the three-month golden period following treatment.

Our professional physiotherapists work with individuals to make a personal rehabilitation plan to improve their heart function and to help them return to normal life. By 2013, the Heart Transplant Team has carried out more than 400 cases of Orthotopic Heart Transplantation. Fifteen recipients have survived for more than 20 years and the longest survival record of heart transplant recipients in Asia;

心臟外科圖三Further more, we are keen to look at new ways of learning, and using innovative techniques to serve more patients across the country and overseas. Therefore, in 2006, the cardiology service set the country’s first 24 hours “Tele-care Centre”. In addition, the ‘Heart Failure Team’ was recently established to look after more and more patients with heart failure problems.

By providing health education and consulting with individuals to enhance patient’s insight and self care. The ‘Chest Pain Unit’ supports groups of patients who have Acute Myocardio Infraction to facilitate effective treatment being received as quickly as possible.


Our Vision

As a responsible professional team, we follow the hospital vision that is underpinned by ‘Compassionate Heart, Dedicated Care’ which applies a person-centered approach to patients and ensure the services meet patients’ needs by monitoring and supervision and trainings. The Heart Centre continuously sets high standards for procedures and equipment and seeks to improve by latest innovation within medical sciences to provide holistic care.